Tuesday, 31 August 2010


Hello, welcome to my first blog ✿

Here you'll be able to see a visual diary of my workings, where I get my inspiration from and general news.

Today I've been designing some christmas cards, which I plan submit to paperchase.

Here are some of last year's designs ☟

I have recently finished a commission for a little girl, here's a sneaky peak


  1. Hello and congratulations; we follow each other in twitter and I just saw your tweet to your blog!
    Lucky me, I´m your first follower here :)!!!

    You´re more that welcome to visit my blog

    See you soon!!!

  2. Hello and thank you! You're work is beautiful, I'd love to follow your blog :) xxx

  3. hello! well,Im antonia from Barcelona,Spain,and I supose that you are an incredible artist...your blog it´s beautiful! I have a blog,too.Sorry for my english, it´s dificult to me to say ...you know!congratulations for your work!

  4. ¡Muchas gracias! Su Inglés es muy bueno:) Mi español no es sin embargo!
    Su obra es muy bonita, sobre todo para decoraciones de Navidad.

    Mejores Deseos,

    Chloe x