Thursday, 16 September 2010

What have I been doing this week?

I've been very busy this week...

I finished a commissioned tiger cushion (sneaky peak)


I sell my owls in a boutique called Smug, and they are commissioning me for an exclusive 'Lizzie' owl, here is an exclusive pic of the fabric we plan to use


I've also been buying lots of other pretty fabric which I plan to make some cushions out of, so stay tuned for the designs.


I found some beautiful buttons!


Here is an example of one of the christmas cards I'm designing


I have an intern starting next week, so I've been tidying my studio. It's normally very hectic, look how tidy my shelves are now ~ Wowee


I also met up with two lovely ladies from Truffle PR, who would like to represent me, and I have a meeting next week with Mothercare.

✿ More to come ✿

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  1. How exciting! Can't wait to hear more - loving the fabrics. xx