Thursday, 15 September 2011

Liberty & Exclusive Owls

It was the Liberty open call in August, where budding designers have the chance to show off what they've made in the hope that they'll get to be sold in store. So, I thought I'd go along and present some cushions and toys. I got there at stupid-0-clock (otherwise known as 6am) and queued for 4 hours! The queue stretched as far as the eye could see (well not quite that far, but it was very long) It wound right around the corner and even further. See ☞ 

Once in you get to pitch to a panel for just 4 minutes as they ruthlessly decide whether you're worthy enough. The response was thankfully very positive and they liked the idea of my name cushions being sold as a bespoke service. So.. we shall wait and see with bated breath!

Smug have co-designed a new owl, this time by Louise, Lizzie's right hand woman. She chose a classic Liberty print and I think she turned out lovely... 

Louise and Louise the Owl

They are both exclusively available to buy from Smug
If you'd like to design and name your own owl, all you have to do is decide on which fabric you'd like, and choose which coloured felts, stitching and buttons you want, get in touch and I'll make and sell your design through the website and possibly Smug. I'll also ask you to send in a photo of yourself with your new owl which will be posted on the website gallery.

Page will be updated soon Design Your Own!

PS- The book is due to be released February 2012!